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CGI workshop

CGI workshop,

at the crossover of art, craft and digital techs for advertisement and film industries.

D-Seed is a Paris based CGI workshop, providing visual effects to any production size, from digital brand videos to blockbusters for networks.

We deliver highend CG Environments and Matte Paintings throungh our 4K workflow and homemade pipeline.

Regular VFX like keying, rotoscopy, tracking, matchmoving, and compositing are included in our everyday breakfast, and we love it!

CGI & Compositing


VFX Supervision

3D real-time assets for virtual production

Virtual production is rising, and the 3D realtime workflow as never been pushed that far. New tools, new skills. We create, manage and conform 3D assets and environements for virtual productions.


D-Seed’s closest partner, Spline is dedicated to on-set technologies such as Motion Control and Virtual Production

Visual effect French Taxe rebate

Visual effect French Taxe rebate

D-Seed is able to propose the TRIP, from 30% to 40% of French Taxe Rebate for International Productions, on french expenditures.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations.

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